Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs

With a career spanning over three decades, artist Scott Jacobs has consistently reached and surpassed new heights in the art industry.  His achievements have touched more than just the art world as well; they’ve influenced towns, jewelry, cruise ships, and even the food and beer industry. 


In the 1980’s, Scott’s career consisted of owning multiple art galleries in the East Coast and painting portraits for collectors under the pseudonym Escoteté. 


Later in 1993, he broadened his portfolio by painting several Harley-Davidson motorcycles which he brought to display at Art Expo in New York.  His photorealistic talent was recognized by Harley-Davidson Motor Company during the event and became the first licensed artist to kick off their Fine Art Program three months later. 


Since then, he has been signed by Chevrolet in the Corvette division, Hot Wheels, Carroll Shelby and Mustang, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and several wineries. 


As Scott’s portfolio began to diversify even more, his wine artwork was seen by Park West Gallery, the world’s largest art company, and he was quickly signed to tour the world making appearances at Art Auctions. 


No matter what he paints; the common theme is hyper-photorealism.  It is his mastery of this style that has enamored audiences around the globe since most viewers are convinced they’re looking at a photograph. 


Scott’s weapon of choice is a paintbrush with a tip smaller than a pencil, acrylic paints and the occasional set of oils.  He begins each painting with a reference photo and draws out the basic lines of the subject.  From there, he starts blocking in the blank canvas with a variety of paint colors.  The real magic happens once the first layers of paint are down and the blending process begins.   Highlights and lowlights are Scott’s final touches to make his paintings look unbelievably real. 


People from the West Coast to Eastern Europe and beyond enjoy his work as it currently hangs globally.  It can be seen on over 100 cruise ships and has been displayed in 40 world renowned museums. 


After years of success as an artist, Scott decided to get back into the retail side of things and open his art gallery, Jacobs Gallery in Deadwood, SD.  This is a destination where the public can view Scott’s originals, a large collection of vintage motorcycles and his very own apparel line.  The gallery building also includes a studio where Scott paints when he’s not traveling the world making appearances. 


To add to his ever-growing success, he and his family opened a restaurant, cafe and brewery in Deadwood called Jacobs Brewhouse & Grocer.  They are soon to begin the distribution of their own craft beer as well. 

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