Gloria Tramontin Struck

Gloria Tramontin Struck

If you’re a fan of motorcycle documentaries, you’ve likely seen an interview with Gloria Struck. At 99 years old, she has been riding motorcycles since she was 16 in 1941 and has no plans of stopping.

Gloria still travels to speak at events for women motorcyclists and promotes her book, Gloria – A Lifetime Motorcyclist: 75 Years on Two Wheels and Still Riding. As one of the earliest members of the Motor Maids, an all-women motorcycle riding club established in 1940, she is widely regarded as a legend.

Residing in New Jersey, Gloria makes annual trips to the Sturgis rally in South Dakota and the Daytona rally in Florida. She was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2016 and the Sturgis Hall of Fame in 2011.

Gloria does not trailer her motorcycle but rides everywhere. She estimates a lifetime mileage of around 650,000 miles over her 79-year career on eleven different Harley-Davidsons and three Indian motorcycles. Her next goal? A cross-country ride when she turns 100 in 2025!

You can see this painting of her by David Uhl, an 2024 Hall of Fame Inductee, in the museum currently!

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