Skeeter Todd

Skeeter Todd

Vene Lee (Skeeter) Todd was born in Oneonta, NY, a small town in upstate New York.  As the story goes, his father (also a biker) had to sell a Panhead because Skeeter’s mother wouldn’t stay off the bike.  This was in the summer of 1949 when things were a lot different for a woman expecting a baby.  Thus the beginning of Skeeter’s long love affair with Harley Davidson motorcycles.  

After returning from Viet Nam, Skeeter went to work as a union laborer building roads and bridges in upstate New York, which provided funding for his true passion, building custom Harley’s. Usually Skeeter built a motorcycle for himself during the winter that was referred to as “this year’s blond” that he unveiled at the Harley Ride-in shows” in Daytona, in the mid -1980s.  He continued building unique one of a kind motorcycles throughout his life including a number of bikes for his wife Marie. During this life time he had numerous bikes featured in magazines. (i.e. The Panster – Sportster bottom end with Pan head top end). He rarely sold one of his creations. 

After 20 years working in construction he made the move to work in the motorcycle industry.  He was first employed by Custom Chrome, then Biker’s Choice, as an outside rep., a frame manufacturer in Canada, and finally with Orange County Choppers appearing in a number of their TV productions. Although he was never employed by S&S, Baker or Corbin, he developed a special relationship with each of them. In retirement he enjoyed sharing his expertise with Brocks Performance in Ohio. 

Skeeter was always willing to share his incredible knowledge related to motorcycles, and how to build, fix etc. them, whether in person or on the phone for hours. He made friends throughout the entire motorcycle industry. 

Skeeter, although not one to join groups, was inducted into “Hamsters USA” in 2010, as well as being a life member of the Harley Owners Group (HOG) and the American Motorcycle Association (AMA). 

Skeeter not only designed and built bikes, he also had a great passion for riding them. He looked forward to riding from upstate to Sturgis (1800 mile one way) whenever he could. He would do the ride by himself in 2 days. 

Skeeter considered it a great honor to be inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.   Skeeter was such a talented and accomplished man, yet never wanted attention. 

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