Deb Buttita

Deb Buttita

Deborah Butitta (Boo-titta) was born and raised in Rockford, IL to a modest family who owned and operated a large radiator & air conditioning repair business. From a very young age Deborah’s mother would drop her off at the shop where engines roared from the motorcycles that lined Madison Street each Saturday. By the time Deborah was in high school she was comfortable riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle.  


In 1971 Deborah purchased a new Yamaha 125 Enduro motorcycle. Deborah took some time off of riding to raise her daughter Leslie, but as soon as Leslie was grown and graduated high school, Deborah jumped at the chance to reward herself with the Harley she always wanted, a 1990 HD Springer Softail.  


That same year Deborah attended an ABATE of AZ Yavapai (Yav-a-pie) Chapter meeting in downtown Prescott, AZ, she was hooked. Deborah was excited to express her passion for riding, and for choosing freedom as a lifestyle. 


Over the years Deborah became a member of various organizations such as Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona, ABATE of Colorado, Freedom of the Road Riders in Missouri, American Motorcycle Association and Motorcycle Rider Foundation all while remaining a member of her home Chapter of ABATE of AZ.  


In ABATE of AZ, Deborah held various positions at chapter and state level such as Chapter Political Action Coordinator for 14 years, Chapter Coordinator and Deborah currently sits on the ABATE of AZ Board of Directors.  


In 1994 Deborah joined the Motorcycle Riders Foundation as a member while attending their annual Conference in Denver CO. Returning from the conference Deborah became the AZ Motorcycle Rights Foundation State Representative for 14 years which led her to the Board of Directors in 1997. Through her tenure with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Board of Directors Deborah held 3 different positions including Corporate Secretary for 8 years.  


Deborah set up the location and permits for an ABATE of AZ event called “Too Broke for Sturgis” in Prescott, AZ from 1994-98. 


In 1998 Deborah and her brother Chuck opened an aftermarket motorcycle shop called the Electric Hog in downtown Prescott AZ. Deborah funded the business and helped set up 30 distributor accounts while her brother ran the shop. They had the largest inventory of motorcycle parts in the Prescott area, including shovelhead parts. The shop serviced bikes and built bikes from the ground up. In 2001 Deb served as the first Designated Lobbyist for the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs. 


Deborah was still doing real estate brokerage in 2010 when Chuck closed the shop to go to work at the local VA Hospital for his 2nd retirement. 


Currently Deborah is on the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Board of Directors, and she is the Chairman for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Awareness and Education Board of Directors which she, Chuck Coulter & Carol Downs founded in 2008, she still belongs to various state organizations as well. 


Deborah has been in the real estate industry since 1983, in 1988 she became a self-employed Commercial Real Estate Broker. Deborah brings her professional skills to the table whenever she can to help the organizations she supports.  


Like all of us, Deborah has owned a few motorcycles over time. Currently her shop houses her 2005 V-ROD, 2009 Nightster and 2018 Low Rider, plus her new Polaris RZR PRO XP for off road fun. 


It is clear that Deborah’s passion for riding and donating her time to Motorcycle Riders Foundation and ABATE is still alive and strong. Motorcycling is our lifestyle and as motorcyclists it’s our job to educate riders and drivers on sharing the road.  

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